Keep Pool Safety Top of Mind for Your Family in San Antonio

Keep Pool Safety Top of Mind for Your Family in San Antonio

For many families in San Antonio, TX, taking the whole gang to a water park or local pool is an easy way to keep everyone entertained and make sure they’re nice and tired when bedtime rolls around. It’s also pretty fun! But this year, before you start filling up the calendar with pool parties and other water-based adventures, it’s a good idea to refresh your memory about pool safety strategies.

Pool Safety Tips to Help Keep Your Kids Safe this Summer

When going to the pool becomes a regular occurrence, it’s easy to get a bit lax when it comes to pool safety without even realizing it. Unfortunately though, it’s a distressing fact that drowning is a very real risk for little kids, and can happen in the blink of an eye.

At British Swim School North San Antonio, we’re dedicated to helping people of all ages learn how to stay safe in and around the water. As well as incorporating pool safety and survival skills in our swimming lessons, we also want to share a few useful tips to help you protect yourself and your family:

  • Get CPR training. You’ll never regret learning this life-saving skill, and it can make a big difference for a child if you take action before emergency services arrive.
  • Talk to your kids about basic pool safety. Check in with your kids and remind them of important rules like not to run by the pool, not to go into the pool by themselves, and not to push anyone else into the pool.
  • Put down your phone. It’s good to have your phone nearby in case of an emergency, but if your kids are in or near the water, your attention should always be on them. Even the time it takes to respond to a text or post on Instagram could be long enough for something to go wrong.

Learn About Our Swimming Classes in San Antonio

One of the best ways to stay safe around the pool is to make sure everyone in the family has taken swimming lessons, though you should still keep on eye on your kids even if they do know how to swim.

To learn more about pool safety or to register for our swimming lessons, call British Swim School North San Antonio today at (210) 888-9370.

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