Keep Pool Safety Top of Mind for Your Family in Manhattan

Keep Pool Safety Top of Mind for Your Family in Manhattan

Swimming a few laps at the local pool may be a calm and relaxing experience now, but once all the kids in Manhattan, NY get out of school for the summer, these spaces can become a total free-for-all of happy shrieks and plenty of splashes. At British Swim School Manhattan, we want swimmers of all ages to enjoy the coming summer months, and to us, that means doing a bit of pool safety prep work first.

Tips That Everyone Should Know Before Heading to the Pool

Pool safety may sound like a downer, but thinking about it now is the best way to make sure everyone can enjoy their summer to the fullest. The fact is, though we all like to think that drowning is rare and could never happen to our kids, it’s a bigger risk for young children than we like to think.

To help everyone in the family stay safe, keep the following pool safety tips at the top of your mind:

  • Children should be supervised by an adult at all times when they’re in or near water.
  • Make sure you are actively watching your children. This is still true for children who have had swimming lessons.
  • Avoid looking at your phone or directing your attention away from your kids for any other reason.
  • Ask another adult to watch your kids if you have to leave the area at any point.
  • If your kids are still learning how to swim, tell them to stay in areas where their feet can touch the ground.
  • It’s natural for kids to splash around, but advise them not to push each other in the water or dunk each other underneath.
  • If you suddenly lose track of your children, look in the water before searching anywhere else.

These tips will be helpful once your family gets to the pool. Before then, you can take active steps to make each swimming session safer by learning how to perform CPR and signing your family members up for swimming lessons.

Find Safety-Focused Swimming Lessons in Manhattan

At British Swim School Manhattan, we’ve made pool safety and basic water competency the foundation of our swimming program. To learn more about our teaching technique or to sign up for swimming classes, call us today at (917) 727-9942.

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