At British Swim School, our number one priority is water safety and drowning prevention. Part of our mission is sharing our knowledge about water safety with your families and communities, especially those with small children at home. For example, did you know January is Bathtub Safety month? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children 4 and under always have a parent or caregiver present when they are near water, including the tub. Accidents can happen in an instant!

Here are a few ways families can stay safe during baths:

  • Teach small children to always ask you or an adult for permission before getting into or out of the tub.
  • Beware of distractions that could take you away from the bath. Get everything ready in advance so you can stay with your child the whole time – towel, bath toys, clean clothes, etc.
  • Never rely on an older child to supervise a younger one during bath time.
  • Use a non-slip mat or non-slip tiles in your tub or shower to help prevent falls. Ensure the mat is secured properly to avoid tripping.
  • Make sure all electrical appliances such as razors and hair dryers are unplugged and stored properly away from the bathtub.
  • Maintain constant supervision while your child is in or near a bathtub, as young children can drown with as little as an inch of water.
  • Consider installing a grab bar in or near your bathtub for extra safety measures, as anyone can slip and fall regardless of age.
  • Enroll your child in swim lessons— teaching children to swim is another step toward water safety.

Don’t delay in setting up these tips! Your family’s safety comes first and preventing accidents can save you trouble in the long run. Keep your child safe during bath time or any time around water by enrolling in our lessons.

Our survival-first swimming lessons have helped to develop safer swimmers for over 40 years – from babies as young as 3 months old to adults well into their 70s. Find a nearby pool and enroll today!

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