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Swim Talk with Rita – Fear in the Tub

Have you ever wanted to ask Rita Goldberg, founder of British Swim School and one-time Olympic hopeful, a question? Wilma did and here is her question with Rita’s answer below:


My 3 yr old grand daughter had swim lessons last year but she shows signs of fear in the tub. Won’t lie back to float. Doesn’t want water on her head. Is this something I should be concerned about? Her mother doesn’t swim but her dad was water safe before he was two. I fear her mom’s hesitation may affect her. ~ Wilma D.

Answer from Rita Goldberg

This is such a common problem and a great question! The ONLY solution is to start ( and continue) with ongoing swim lessons. This is a problem that many people think will pass naturally  as the child gets older, but In fact it will get progressively worse!!! Dad should take the little one to a gentle, fun program, without Mom, and of course, if Mom can be encouraged to take lessons at a different time, that would be the perfect scenario.

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