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Special Thanks

Thanks to all of his awesome swimming instructors! Special shout out to Mr. Justin and Mr. Limbani, K really enjoys swimming with you guys. Thank you for taking your time with him and treating him like an individual. He recognizes that you respect him and take the time to get to know who he is.

British Swim School is the best

British Swim School is the best swimming school to get your child started on the water. Wonderful instructors and small groups were the perfect combination to help my daughter learn from survival strategies to her first strokes in just a couple of lessons. She is a strong swimmer now!

Susanna Medurga

There’s Nothing FISHY about this Great School!

My son Angel has been one of Miss Rachael’s students for almost a year. He can be stubborn and strong willed but she knows just how to get him to perform and how to progress. The front office management with Cassie & Sabrina are “A1”, not only by keeping a tight ship, but also taking an interest with each and every client. We genuinely love coming to each and every class and growing along with this great school!

Michelle Garay

Best Swim Lessons

We signed up our 4 year old because we wanted her to have more confidence in the pool. After a few classes, she was able to jump in pool by herself and flip over onto back and get into the “star” position! Over the summer, she was a little fish in the pool and she liked to do her “star” floating for us in the deep end! Excellent Instructors, very patient with kids. Thank you for teaching our daughter!

Jennifer Smith

Thanks to Fabulous Instructors!

learning to float

My son is about a year and a half old and has been swimming with BSS in Elmhurst since 4 months old. Our tadpole class was always so fun and adventurous thanks to an enthusiastic Coach Anthony. When we were welcomed into Young Minnow, Coach Nancy quickly won him over and has been an unbelievable coach. I’m amazed that he is now floating on his own and continues to make progress with the basic swimming skills each week with her guidance and encouragement. Thank you!!

Deanna Wrenn

Awesome work Nicole!!

My daughter started back in July of 2016. She was a little nervous to start her class because she didn’t like water on her face. To make this story short … on the second class she didn’t want to go anymore she was scared and just didn’t want to continue anymore . As I told her it’s fine don’t worry you don’t have to do swimming anymore as we were going to walk out I started talking to Nicole (she’s the manger at night at this facility) she asked me why so I told her she’s having a hard time putting her face In the water and pretty much we’re done. She asked me if I could give Biritish another chance and if she could due a one on one with her to see if she’ll be able to get her on easy. Which I would say it worked 7 months later she loves it and is doing great in her class. I just wanted to thank Nicole for going that extra mile with my kid she’s a great manger and her staff is wonderful. If it wasn’t for her we would’ve basically gave up that night . Once again awesome staff! There great with kids !!!

Erika Cruz

I just wanted to put

I just wanted to put out there what a great job you all do for your swimmers. We bring our granddaughter here every Sunday afternoon to the Tinley Park location, and I have to say job well done. We have been coming for many months and your instructor Oscar is great with her. She is 19 months old today and she loves the water , she goes under the water no problem, and floats around in that ring like a pro.

Valerie Wood

I have three boys in British swim school

I have three boys in the British swim school classes and they love it! The instructors are great and work very well with children. Danielle and Jasmine are fantastic and my boys look forward to class every week.

Julie Gandhi

British Swim School Loves Teaching Others How to Swim!

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