Thanks to all of his awesome swimming instructors! Special shout out to Mr. Justin and Mr. Limbani, K really enjoys swimming with you guys. Thank you for taking your time with him and treating him like an individual. He recognizes that you respect him and take the time to get to know who he is […]

We just got back from our son’s first real vacation, first time flying, first time in the ocean. And his swimming lessons really paid off! He was fearless in the pool, and loved playing in the ocean. However it’s safe to say he preferred the pool 🙂 We even had one of the BSS life […]

Your instructors are so kind and professional and we appreciate them for helping Chloe master survival skills in the water. Chloe is so comfortable in the water and looks forward to swimming so much that she even waves to people when she’s on her back in the water. Too funny. She’s a ham.

I’ve had the privilege of being Sarah’s friend for over 25 years. I remember her telling me the story of her son, Jack (who was 17-months-old at the time) and how he nearly drowned in a bathtub during a family gathering. This was very scary to hear and I was SO grateful that he was okay. […]

We even just went on vacation with a family from Atlanta, and our kids were better swimmers than their kids, even though they live in warm weather and have swimming lessons too!!!!

We ran across BSS and decided to take a chance on a smaller school. We have been thrilled with our experience. In a couple of months our daughters have soared through the program exceeding our expectations. We feel so much safer with them in the water. More importantly, they are no longer afraid of the […]

Our son Morgan has really enjoyed attending classes at the L.A. Fitness. British Swim School is a god-send!! The instructors are phenomenal and have connected with Morgan in such a way that he has progressed very well. Initially, Morgan was not happy about having to take lessons but after the first lesson, he couldn’t wait […]

So today at class my son was holding his head above water and floating all by himself for about 15-20 seconds at a time!!! He is only 7 months old. I’m so very happy and great full for everything the instructors have done to teach him water survival! This is the best thing I could […]

Family owned business! The owners are absolutely wonderful with children & so very dedicated to the safety and drowning prevention from children. So grateful to have you guys here in Wellington! Elissa S. from Wellington

Sophie has Williams Syndrome, a lesser-known genetic condition that is present at birth and can affect anyone. It is characterized by medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and learning disabilities. These often occur side by side with striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music. Sophie started out at British Swim […]

My daughter’s confidence has grown more than I’ve ever heard from anyone else doing other swim lessons through gold fish or the ymca or anywhere. Love these classes!    

This is about the first time my son, Josep, age 3, demonstrated his love for swimming. It’s also a cautionary tale that shows the benefits for learning safe swim skills. Josep was at a local pool, enjoying playing with his sister and 3 older cousins. Well his sister was off with another cousin, and Pep […]

When my daughter started swim lessons at BSS in Wellington she was afraid of the water and we practically had to bribe her to go near a pool. Now at age 3 she can swim the length of our pool & absolutely loves the water! She learned everything about swimming from BSS @ Wellington. BSS in Wellington rocks! […]

My daughter looks forward to her swimming lesson with Sarah every Sunday. Because of the care and attention she is given and the sheer joy I know swimming brings my daughter, we keep coming back, rain, shine, or frozen tundra!

Every individual who is part of this organization is strictly professional and passionate about what they do. From my first contact over the phone, to the instructors, everyone was professional & patient to answer all my questions. The main office has great communication, as well as, the instructors. They reported my children’s progress after every […]

My son started in water survival at British Swim School and learned to float and is now 5 years old learning different strokes. I tried private lessons at home however they did not work or take. BUT after going weekly to the Wellington, FL location my son soon loved his lessons & instructors. PLUS THEIR LESSON PLAN REALLY WORKED!! […]

Great owners! They put their heart AND soul into running the school and want what is best for the kids. Hadar G. from Wellington.

What is most amazing is this is from my autistic child who was able to express himself in his own words this way. I want you to know I am grateful to Larry for his patience with my son and ability to make him comfortable to learn to float. Thank you! We all love British […]

Best swim company I’ve ever worked with. My timid unconfident swimmers blossomed into confident and brave fish under the instruction of kind, patient and attentive staff. Can’t speak highly enough!

Would like to give a big thank you to the British Swim School. Our daughter started there about 2 years ago and couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything in the pool without a floatie. She is now VERY comfortable in the water – loves diving for toys and doing flips underwater – and can do 4 different swim […]

Your team is amazing! I am so glad we found you guys.

My son loved the entire class and always looked forward to it. My daughter did not like getting her face wet, but eventually adapted and she LOVED the playtime at the end of each session. By the end of the 6 week session, both kids could float on their backs and get out of the […]

The foundation and stroke technique that BSS was able to provide Andrew has been beyond our expectations as parents. At just 5 years old, he was the talk of the summer swim team. We look forward to continued success in your program and are looking forward to the next step of Barracuda!

Best Swim School! Patient, inclusive, caring, experienced…what more can we ask for! A++++ and Miss Beth is the icing on the cake!! :)) Erin R

“Our daughter started her swimming lessons at the British Swim School in Germantown, MD when she was only 16 months old. It was amazing how quickly she grasped the lessons at that tender age and we noticed how much she improved every week thereafter. My wife and I will always be grateful to British Swim […]

We are writing to let you know that our son Micah, a current Shark 2 swimmer at the Germantown Healthtrax location, will be wrapping up his swim lessons with BSS on Thursday, February 28, 2013. When Micah started with BSS in early spring of last year, our only goal was for him to learn how […]

The program and teachers are amazing! Thank you for making our children so confident in the water. Zoe S.

You guys are the best. We LOVE you guys. YAY!!

Just want to say thank BSS. Minjae qualified for Coaches Long Course in Breaststroke today. She learned her swimming in BSS for 4 and a half years and graduated last year and joined our community swim team. She is quite a strong swimmer now, she is listed in All-Star swimmers in all strokes. She has […]

Would like to give a big thank you to the British Swim School. Our daughter started there about 2 years ago and couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything in the pool without a floatie. She is now VERY comfortable in the water – loves diving for toys and doing flips underwater – and can do 4 different swim […]

Thank you British Swim School, my 2 year old can swim all by herself the length of the pool. It’s simply amazing!

So excited to start my son (16 months). The facility was beautiful and SO clean! They were incredibly friendly and professional. I felt super comfortable!! So excited because Wellington really needed something like this. Alyse B. from Wellington.

They were so flexible with my schedule and were able to figure out the needs for both of my children!! SO incredible AND easy to work with!!! Highly recommend! Jenni S. from Wellington.

Our daughter Mikaela has always loved swimming, but never felt comfortable joining our community swim team. When the BSS swim team formed this past November, Mikaela jumped at the opportunity to join YOUR team! She has enjoyed every single minute of it. 5:30 PM on Saturday afternoons can’t come around quick enough for our daughter! […]

My daughter has been taking classes On and Off for the past year at their Hollywood location.She recently graduated to Turtle I only due to the huge sincere, patient and loving efforts of Ms. Maybelline and Mr. Brian. Their dedication and commitment to the sport and their students is totally commendable. My daughter was so […]

Our family has been so impressed by the fairfax teaching team of British Swim School. We struggled for several months paying outrageous fees to have our two daughters (ages 4 & 7) learn survival swimming with SwimKids. We ended the program frustrated and with their swimming skills no better than when they started. We ran […]

Elizabeth stayed in the yellow cap class for a long time. I don’t remember how many other kids moved up to the next level. She was the only one left in the yellow cap class. It was such a challenge for me as a parent to help her go to the next level. As an […]

I can’t say enough good things about British Swim School. My son, Daniel, was only 4 years-old when he started at BSS and was terrified of the water. In fact, we had previously attempted lessons at a local pool, and it did not go well. Since Daniel has been attempting BSS he has risen through […]

My son Caleb has been attending BSS in Wellington since he was 11/months old. Even tho he & I have been together in the water since he was 3 months old, it was important to me that he learned survival swimming. With the help of Ms Nelly and Ms Kelly, he has graduated young minnow and is […]

My twins have learned to swim at British Swim School. They are only 5 years old and people are always impressed with their swimming skills. Highly recommend it! We love Mr. Josh and Mr. Steven! Leiden R

Staff was so warm and friendly. We went to the school before the renovations and the new owners have completely changed the look and feel of the school. We love it!! Sarah Z. from Wellington.

Great owners! They put their heart into running the school and want ONLY what is best for the kids and their families 🙂 GREAT OWNERS & PLACE!! Samantha M. from Wellington.

We went on vacation for 5 weeks at a pool and my daughter did fall in and was able to get herself back to the ledge. She just turned 2.

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Safety Can Be FUN!

It’s summertime - break out the coolers and sunscreen! But slow down and also make some safety plans. June is National Safety Month and you know how B … [Read More...]

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Learning to Swim with British Swim School by Just Bein’ Mommy

When I was young, my mom sent us down to the local swimming pool to learn how to swim. My sisters and I would walk to the pool and take lessons until we learned how to swim and not be afraid. I have always wanted that for my children, however, we haven’t had too much […]

The Town Courier Features British Swim School Montgomery County

The Town Courier July 1, 2016 By Gina Gallucci-White Learn to Swim at the British Swim School Pools and summer go together like sleds and winter but people need to make sure water safety is paramount during their aquatic experience. The British Swim School has more than 1,200 students in their programs throughout multiple locations […]


British Swim School of Greater Philadelphia, the pioneer of gentle, non-traditional infant and child water safety and learn to swim programs is excited to bring their innovative swim and survival techniques to the Bensalem area.  Beginning August 19th a full schedule of classes will be taught inside the beautiful    LA FITNESS* complex just across from […]

Meet Lillian, Our fantastic Aquatics Director!

Lillian Fetalaiga grew up with a passion for swimming. Her summers were spent at the community swimming pool while she kept engaged in a swim team all year long. When she was 16, she was able to begin making a career out of swimming through lifeguarding, teaching swim lessons privately and at a summer camp, […]

2 New Chicago Locations Coming Soon!

British Swim Chicago is proud to announce 2 new locations in the beautiful neighborhoods of West Loop and Hyde Park!  These locations are in an effort to take our highly structured swim program to your community.  Making it convenient to attend swimming lessons rather than driving through the congested streets of Chicago! West Loop will […]